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SoftBox Pro for iPad is now featured as “Staff Favorites” in Australia and New Zealand!


Bum Signs for iPad

Eggerr Studio proudly introduce: Bum Signs for iPad!

Turn your iPad into the ultimate money maker! (or a worthless cardboard, depends on how you look at it)

Available on the Apple App Store now!

### April 1st Special! ###

A perfect app for those arrogant pricks, self-important douchebags and delusional bosses in your life.

Of course, you know you can’t just go up to them and tell them how you feel about them face to face, it’s impolite, it’s antisocial, and it might cost you your job. However, for those of you who want to convey the truth to those cocky bastards without causing social awkwardness, we have the perfect solution for you:

Introducing “A Humbling Experience” the iPhone app!

Let your mark try out this new app you downloaded… The program will put him in his place for you.

This April Fools, tell them what you really think of them, through this innocent little iPhone app. *

You can even customize the end result to your own liking. **

Perfect for:

-annoying co-workers

-stupid bosses



-teacher’s pets





Download from the Apple App Store!


*For entertainment purposes only, not liable for any injuries incurred from fights resulted from use of this app.

**Some say, there’s a secret short-cut to the customization page. All we know is, double tapping on the letter “A” won’t do anything special ;)


iPad 2 launch special!

The iPad 2 is finally here, we are just as excited as you!

To celebrate this special day, we decided to bring the price of SoftBox Pro for iPad to $0.99!

Today only, don’t miss out!

SoftBox Pro for iPad 1.0.3 update is now online. This version has improved brightness control, fixed a rotation related bug, and slightly adjusted help/info screen.


New photos!

Thanks to our good friend Mailiyasi, we now have a brand new set of beautiful sample photos.

Check them out now on flickr!



1.0.2 update is now available on the App Store.


Finally… 1.0.1

SoftBox Pro for iPad 1.0.1 update is finally online. Please note the new version does NOT include the Apple logo due to copyright issues. Please do not upgrade if you need to use that particular shape in the near future. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Due to copyright issues, we had to remove the Apple shape from our app. Please DO NOT update, if you need to use that particular shape in the near future.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
1.0.1 screenshot

download SoftBox Pro for iPad on App Store. (now 33% off!)

This updated version is currently awaiting Apple review, will be available on the App Store soon.

SoftBox Pro for iPad 1.0.1 screenshot

Next mission: iPhone support!