To celebrate the Chinese New Year, we are bringing down the price to $0.99 for an entire week! Happy holidays everyone :O)

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Check out these wonderful photos our users submitted on our official Flick group. All of which were taken with SoftBox Pro for iPad as the main, in most cases, the only, light source.

by – EVOlutionary2k

by – John T. Aguillon

The possibilities are endless, submit your masterpiece today!



In this upcoming update, we’ve added horizontal mode, some interface tweaks, and of course, new shapes and grids. What do you think?



Our 33% off promotion was originally planned from January 24th through 26th. However, due to a mix up in the pricing schedule, we accidentally ended it one day early. To express our apology, we’ve decided to extended the promotion period for another 3 days, that’s till the end of January 29th, and we’ll make sure we don’t mess up this time :P

Download SoftBox Pro for iPad from the awesome App Store.


Top 10 in the US!

Thanks to everyone who supported us, SoftBox Pro for iPad is now top 10 iPad Photography app in the US and many other countries.

“Turn your iPad into a professional studio lighting system.”

“SoftBox Pro” gives you the perfect reflection you are looking for. Unlike conventional lighting equipments, you can carry it with you, wherever you go!

Simply choose an appropriate shape, grid, and brightness, you are ready for shooting.

Besides using it as a soft box, “SoftBox Pro” can also be used as a light table. Or maybe something else? Let your creativity run wild!

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